SEO Services With Etempa Solutions

Optimise Your Website To Boost Your Search Rankings

What Is SEO?

It's a term often used and often misunderstood.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation - so what does that mean?

Search Engine Optimisation, basically, means optimising your website (that's the code and the content) so search engines can understand your site better and therefore rank you higher for keywords you want to rank for. It can also involve boosting how important search engines perceive your site to be, which will also result in higher rankings.

Why Does Your Site Need SEO?

Why spend money building the best website for your business, if no one can find it?

Search Engine Optimisation will improve your visibility on the leading search engines (Google, Yahoo! And Bing) so that more people see your website, click on your website and ultimately give you a chance to convert that visit into a lead.

More traffic doesn't always mean more customers, but it certainly helps!

SEO enables potential customers to find your site in the unpaid, organic search results section of search engines using keywords you don't have to be directly promoting, extending your advertising budget.

What SEO Services Do We Offer?

SEO Audits and Reports

SEO Audits and Reports

Before we start implementing any SEO techniques, we feel it is always best to start with an audit of your current website.

This allows us to take a look at how you're currently performing based on various indicators, for what keywords and in what areas.

The audit generally can take a few days and at the end, we will be in a position to recommend the best course of action, either On Site SEO, off site SEO or both, based on your current website's performance, your requirements and your budget.

We can also help with keyword research, which involves taking a look at what keywords you should be targeting, alongside what your competitors are doing.

On Site SEO

On Site SEO

On Site SEO involves altering the code and changing the content to ensure search engines are viewing your website correctly and getting the right idea about what keywords to rank you for.

This can either involve a few tweaks to your website, or in some cases, major alterations, depending on what you currently have.

It can also involve rewriting the content to be more 'SEO friendly', depending on your chosen keywords (which we can discuss with you and research).

If you choose to have your website built with us, all our sites include basic on site SEO and you can upgrade to the full works.

Off Site SEO

Off Site SEO

As well as optimisation that happens on your site and in your code, there is also a massive amount of optimisation that can happen off site.

One factor search engines use to decide the ranking position of your website in a list of similar websites is importance. Search engines take a look at how you are perceived by the rest of the web.

Major areas of off site SEO include link building and social media management and this sort of work often involves a monthly contract, rather than one-off changes. It requires monthly work because you have to keep reiterating your importance on the web.

Typically for off site SEO work, we will agree a monthly price, for a set number of keywords to be optimised.

What Will The Results Be And When Will You See Them?

Although we cannot promise you'll hit the top of Google in 4 weeks, some results will be seen quickly, including search engines indexing your website for keywords that we are promoting.

Results can vary for each keyword, mainly depending on the other competition, but with continuous implementation your position in the results will improve over the months, resulting in more traffic to your website and heading towards that ultimate goal of top ranking for a google search result.

We will provide you with regular updates on how your keywords are performing and how your website is ranking.

Optional Extras

With your increase in traffic, why not improve your lead conversion rate to increase your sales?

At Etempa Solutions we offer a range of IT services to complement our SEO service.

Social Media

Social Media Services

Managing your social media activity alongside an SEO campaign can have a significant effect on your search engine rankings, as well as increasing brand awareness amongst the users of social media.

Social Media Services involve using websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to attract new customers and communicate with existing ones.

We can put together a Social Media package for you, based on the type of business you run and the type of customers you are wanting to attract.

Our service not only includes setting up your social media profiles, but we can also organise posting content.

Website Service

Website Services

It's always worth considering: once you have the traffic going to your site, will they stay there? And more importantly, will the visitors become customers?

Having your website redesigned not only gives your business a fresh look, but as all our websites are built with SEO in mind, it can help to boost your SEO score for on site elements.

We offer a wide range of website services, from static sites to ecommerce websites and editable websites.

All our websites are designed by experienced developers and coded using the latest techniques and standards, to maximise its potential in the search engine results.