Backup Services With Etempa Web Solutions

Ensure All Your Data, Not Just Your Files, Is Backed Up

Are You Fully Backed Up?

We’ve all had a data disaster at some point in our lives and in a lot of instances, like a water spill over a laptop, data can be recovered.

However, as we move our lives and our businesses online, into 'the cloud', it's easy to see those files as protected and safe from the physical damage and hardware failure that might befall your computer.

The reality is the vast majority of data loss emergencies we see involves websites, databases, emails and various online data storage facilities.

Whether you’ve been hacked or someone accidentally clicked that ‘Delete’ button, the alarming truth is once something like that is gone, it’s usually gone gone.

It's easy to think the company hosting your website or managing your database is taking a daily or weekly backup and while most reputable companies are backing up their entire data server, they rarely provide a service to retrieve a specific customer's data. A lot of the time, there is unfortunately, nothing we can do.

So if you're not sure if you are fully backed up, get in touch with us today for a free review of all your data, online and offline. We have a lot of experience in coming up with bespoke backup solutions to suit every business' unique situation, in complete confidence.

Safe really is better than sorry.

What Backup Services Do We Offer?

Local Files Backup

Local Files Backup Service

Let's not forget the basics - are your computer files backed up?

It's critical that your computer files are backed up at least weekly in at least 1 location, preferably 2 locations, with 1 location a daily backup.

There is lots of software out there that will backup your computer automatically (because let's face it, the main reason it doesn't happen is we forget!), to either an external hard drive or an online location and we can take a look at your whole set up to recommend the best systems to put in place based on your computer use.

Website and Database Backup

Website and Database Backup Service

If you've spent a lot of money having a website or web application designed and developed, what would you do if it suddenly disappeared from the web? Or your database crashed and you lost all your customer's data?

Maybe you have a local copy of the site when it was originally built, but you've updated it since then and your backup is now years old.

With our website and database backup service, we take either a daily or weekly backup (as appropriate) of your website files and your database so if the worst happens, you can be back up and running within the day.

Online Data Backup

Online Data Backup Service

Have you ever thought about where all the data you use on a daily basis is being stored? What would happen if it were lost?

Emails, data on Customer Relationship Managers and cloud based accounting systems are just a few of the many things we forget about backing up.

With our desire to 'be synced' across all our devices, so our data is being pushed into being saved online rather than on our devices, which is great if you lose your laptop or phone, but catastrophic if you're hacked or just accidentally delete something.

Our online data backup service involves taking an audit of all your important data and coming up with a backup system to suit your needs and location of your data.

Optional Extras

While you're considering a new backup system, why not also consider moving your website and its data to our servers, for added peace of mind.

Website Hosting and Maintenance

Hosting and Maintenance Services

Every website needs a domain name, web hosting space and someone to maintain it.

Although we're more than happy to work with your chosen hosting provider, we also offer an in-house hosting and maintenance service.

Basic hosting and maintenance starts at just £60 a year and we'll also manage your domain name for you.

Our basic package includes basic text and image updates; however we also have a range of additional hosting and maintenance packages with backup services included, as well as a bespoke package we can tailor to your needs.