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Digital Solutions For Your Digital Age Business

Why Use Our Digital Services?

Over the years, Etempa Web Solutions has grown and expanded. To complement our website services, we also offer a full range of digital services so you can come to one place for all your digital requirements.

We have an excellent team of graphic designers, who produce stunning images and designs, equipped with the latest industry standard software.

Combined, we have a vast range of digital expertise, so we are well positioned to offer you the best service and the best end results.

The Digital Services We Offer

At Etempa Web Solutions, we offer a wide range of digital services and many businesses use a combination of digital services to complement their products and services.

We are happy to provide you with a bespoke digital offering to suit your needs and discuss with you the types of digital services you require.

Get in touch with us if you need any further help, advice or ideas regarding your business' digital presence.

Logo Design

Logo Design

A logo is often the first impression a customer has of your business, so it is important you deliver the right instant message.

We offer a comprehensive logo design service, tailored to suit you.

We can work with existing logos, rough concepts, or completely from scratch, to match existing branding or as part of a new look.

Our logo design service offers unlimited changes until you are happy and large copies of the logo in a variety of formats.


Digital Branding

If you would like new look, or would just like to improve on your current image, we offer a complete branding service.

Although our branding service is bespoke, it typically involves a new or improved logo design, website banners and letterheads, integrated with a colour theme across your website, social media and any other online accounts.

Our branding service offers all the changes needed to get the exact look you want for your business.

You'll get all the files in a variety of sizes and formats to use wherever and however you want.



We offer a newsletter design and editing service - just send us the content and we will arrange and produce a finished newsletter, either for online publication in a variety of formats, or for print.

Our stunning newsletters are produced using industry standard software and we can provide you with the finished newsletter in whatever format you require.

We are happy to take as much or as little instruction from you. We work well both independently and as part of a larger editorial team.

Our newsletters come with unlimited changes until every paragraph is perfect.

Image Editing

Image Editing

Sometimes your photos from the photographer are only the first step.

A picture is worth a thousand words and whether it is on your website or across your flyers, they need to look their best.

We can edit photos or create a montage of pictures, a digital version of your book cover or showcase your product.

Whatever edits you need on your images, we're here to help, with our team of experienced graphic designers using the latest software and techniques.

Document Scanning

Document Scanning

With the digital age firmly upon us, businesses large and small are looking to reduce their paper footprint and move into digital documents (and even the cloud!)

The first step seems daunting, with all your filing cabinets and boxes filled with documents, drawings and accounts, but the benefits can be exceptionally rewarding.

We offer a document scanning service either locally on site or remotely, using fast scanners to convert all your documents into digital format, stored in a comprehensive folder system.

Talk to us about your requirements - every business is different and we'll be happy to advise and turn your business digital!

Optional Extras

Your digital revolution doesn't stop there. With your new digital look, why not consider some of our other products and services to complement your business.

Backup Service

Backup Services

A backup of your files is something everyone knows they should have and so many people forget to do.

And even fewer even think about backing up their branding and publicity files, even though the consequences can be catastrophic for your business.

We offer a bespoke backup service for all your data, tailored to how often the content is altered and whether you want an online or offline solution.

Usually, all that is involved is some work to set up the backup and then it can be left, backing up either weekly or monthly.

Website Service

Website Services

If your business has just had a digital makeover, why not consider a website to go with your new branding?

Customers like consistency and having a single message across your business can help create a strong brand, including on your website.

We offer a wide range of website services, from basic sites to ecommerce websites and websites you can edit yourself.

All our websites are designed by experienced developers and coded using the latest techniques and standards, promoting your business successfully.