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Customer Relationship Management Software

From a given set of requirements, we designed and developed this bespoke CRM software to manage customers through their journey.

The software was written using PHP with a MySQL database, with jQuery and Ajax to enhance the UI.

Specific features include data management (add, edit and delete), template creation, multiple diaries, customer statistics and secure user management.

Services Provided

Bespoke Web Application in PHP with MySQL, Responsive Design, User Account System, Data Export, Hosting and Maintenance

Bespoke CRM Web Application With Secure Login System Bespoke CRM With Multiple Diary Management System Bespoke Web Application With Document Upload and Download Bespoke Web Application With Data Management Using MySQL Database CRM Web Application With Add, Edit and Delete Data Features CRM Web Application With Template Creation For Emails and Letters

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Game Change

A website to provide information and learning tools centred around their training business, as well as offering an e-learning course and booking facilities.

Project Details

We began development of this website with a well developed site structure, basic theme template and some rough PSD designs.

The website features include user accounts, to access both free and paid content, a number of online exams and course booking including Paypal payment. The whole site has a responsive design.

There is a user friendly, customised wordpress CMS, allowing the admin to edit the content of the site including the slideshow and exam questions.

Services Provided

Wordpress Website Development from PSDs, Customised Wordpress Plugins, User Accounts System, Course Booking With Payment Facility, Blog, SEO Implementation, Responsive Design, Certificate Generation

Game Change Home Page With Blog, Slideshow and Twitter Feed Game Change With Responsive Design For Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile Game Change Contact Page With Facebook and LinkedIn Widget, Google Map and Contact Form Game Change Training Page With Course Booking Facilities Game Change Training Page With Integrated Video, Slideshow, Tabs and Purchase Feature Game Change E-Learning Course With Videos and Exam Game Change Free Downloads Page With Document Downloads And Search Filter

Fresher Rooms

A web application to match students looking for property with landlords, including user accounts and a payment facility.

Project Details

This student lettings web application was built for a new company, based on basic PSD designs.

The site includes a login system for landlords and students, with different members areas. Landlords are able to purchase credits via Paypal which they then use to list their properties.

There is a search facility to find properties based on location, price and property type and a messaging system to allow communication.

Students can list rooms and favourite properties to find them easily.

Services Provided

Website Development, Payment Facility, Accounts System With 2 Types Of User, Ajax Search Facility, Messaging Facility, Image Gallery

Fresher Rooms Web Application Home Page With Autocomplete Location Search Fresher Rooms Search Facility With Ajax To Search By Location, Price and Property Type Fresher Rooms View Property Page With Favourite Functionality and Image Gallery Fresher Rooms Landlord Dashboard With Secure Accounts System and Payment Facility Fresher Rooms Message System For On-Site Messaging Between Landlords and Students


An ecommerce website to display and sell products online.

Project Details

This ecommerce website was developed in Wordpress, based on provided PSD designs, using the ecommerce plugin Woocommerce, which adds an ecommerce CMS to the existing wordpress one.

This allows the admin team to add, edit and remove their products, as well as specifying different product options available such as price in a user friendly management system.

The website has full ecommerce facilities, including shopping cart and secure payment, displaying different products in a variety of categories.

Other features include search facilities, social media sharing and reviews.

Services Provided

Wordpress Website Development from PSDs, Use of Ecommerce Plugin, Contact Form, Payment Facility, User Accounts

Lockwoodhume Ecommerce Site With Social Media, Wordpress Woocommerce CMS and Customer Accounts Lockwoodhume Product Details Page With Colour Selection, Image Editing and Ordering Facilities Lockwoodhume Product Category Page With Products To Order, Added Using the Wordpress Woocommerce CMS Lockwoodhume Order Product Page With Quantity Selection, Shopping Cart Facilities and Payment Options

Val Rive

A website to advertise french holiday cottages and apartments.

Project Details

From the stunning designs provided to us, we produced a stunning website, on the popular CMS, Wordpress.

They wanted a plugin to display and manage the availability of their multiple properties in a Gantt Chart style, and as there was no such plugin available, we created a custom plugin instead.

The website displays the different cottages and apartments, with information about the surrounding area and a booking form for potential guests.

The website is optimised for different devices (desktop, tablet and mobile) so people can view and book from any location.

Services Provided

Wordpress Website Development from PSDs, Custom Wordpress Plugin, Booking Form, Slideshow, Image Gallery, Responsive Design

Val Rive Holiday Cottages and Apartments Wordpress Development From PSD Designs Val Rive Holiday Cottages and Apartments Responsive Screens For Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Val Rive Property Page With Image Gallery Val Rive Lettings Multiple Property Diary Which Can Be Managed In Wordpress Val Rive Wordpress Websites With Custom Fields For Easy Editing

Farm View Hall B & B

A website to showcase this stunning bed and breakfast.

Project Details

We were excited to have a fairly free rein in terms of designing this website, as the owner was happy to be guided by our expertise.

The only design consideration for us was to link this site with their livery yard website, which we'd produced a few years earlier. We took the green, gold and black colour scheme and modified it to produce a new look, with a familiar feel.

To make it easy for people to get in touch, an enquiry form features on each page, along with easy access to the gallery which displays a random selection of images on every page. The slideshow on the home page runs through all the key areas of the bed and breakfast so prospective guests know exactly what to expect when they make a booking.

Services Provided

Website Design and Development, Photography and Image Editing, Copy Writing, Slideshow, Gallery, SEO, Contact Form, Hosting and Maintenance

Farm View Hall Bed and Breakfast Website With Professional Photography and Home Page Slideshow Farm View Hall Bed and Breakfast With Responsive Design For Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile Farm View Hall Bed and Breakfast Booking Form To Allow Prospective Guests To Enquire Farm View Hall Bed and Breakfast Clear Information and Copy Writing About Each Room Farm View Hall Bed and Breakfast Dynamic Gallery With Lightbox Pop Up Farm View Hall Bed and Breakfast Clear Navigation In Sidebar Along With Contact Form and Quick Look Gallery Farm View Hall Bed and Breakfast Contact Information With Embedded Google Map


An Automatic Student Landlord Leasing Web Application

Project Details

We created a custom web application for student landlords wanting to improve the efficiency of signing up tenants in the busy letting season.

The landlords enter the students' emails into the system, which contacts the students and compiles a lease using a mail merge technique, in both Microsoft Word and PDF format.

It is written in PHP with a MySQL database, with a jQuery user friendly interface. The landlord's own branding can be added with custom CSS.

The admin area allows landlords to manage their properties, view leases and lettings and set various price packages.

Services Provided

Custom Web Application, Secure Accounts, Document Generation, Management System, Data Export, Hosting, Maintenance and Support

E-Autolease Login With Admin and Auto Generated User Accounts E-Autolease Add Tenant Details Page With Custom Landlord Branding in CSS E-Autolease Edit Properties Page With Property Management System and Editable Tables E-Autolease Tenant Details Page with Data Input and Various Admin Options E-Autolease With jQuery Drop Down Menu and Lease Management

Grange Farm Livery Stables

A livery yard website in West Yorkshire designed to showcase facilities, services and packages on offer.

Project Details

This website was designed and then developed to create an online presence for this stables, making use of the professional photography we organised at the yard and featuring the new logo we created.

The website is informative, with SEO in mind to improve search engine rankings for the site. All the important information about the livery yard can be found on the site, with a clear contact form for enquiries.

This website is hosted and maintained by us, making it easy for the owners when they want to change the website content.

Services Provided

Website Design and Development, Logo Design, Photography and Image Editing, Copy Writing, SEO, Contact Form, Hosting and Maintenance

Grange Farm With Professional Photography and Designed Logo Grange Farm Facilities Page With Copy Writing Optimised for Search Engines Grange Farm Contact Us Page With Contact Form and Clear Contact Details Grange Farm Services Page With SEO Content, Edited Images and Easy Maintenance


A wordpress website designed to inform, offer services and provide an online booking facility for conflict resolution courses to customers.

Project Details

We designed and developed a custom, responsive wordpress theme for this website, following guidelines from the client and using the copy and images provided.

We merged the current blog of GoodSense onto the new website so everything had a unified look.

The site has a contact form and course booking form, with the ability to take payment with paypal. New courses and dates can be added in the admin area.

Services Provided

Wordpress Website Design and Development, Responsive Design, Contact Form, Slideshow, Course Booking Form With Payment Facility, Blog, Custom Admin Area

GoodSense With Custom Wordpress Theme Template and Slideshow GoodSense Responsive Website Design, Optimised For Tablet and Mobile Devices GoodSense Sector Page with SEO Provided Copy For A Content Heavy Site GoodSense Amazon Widget Shop GoodSense Online Course Booking Form With Payment Facilities

iGo and uGo iPhone Apps

Two iPhone mobile apps designed for the housing market - one for house sellers and one for estate agents

Project Details

We developed two iPhone apps based on designs, with a central MySQL database to allow data sharing and to link with the existing website.

The estate agent app incorporates a login system and data is entered to be displayed on the house sellers app, based on postcode location.

House sellers can sort through estate agents by Trust Pilot rating, location and price, as well as seeing all options in a list or on a map.

New estate agents are approved through the admin system, integrated with the existing web application.

Services Provided

iPhone App Development, MySQL Database Design, User Accounts, Search By Location, Trust Pilot Integration, Admin Area, Address Finder

iGo iPhone App With Address Finder, Search Filters and Trust Pilot Integration uGo iPhone App With Login System, Data Entry and Data Display From Sister App iGo iPhone App Account Creation iGo and uGo iPhone Mobile Application Sliding Menus iGo iPhone Mobile App With Location Data Displayed On Map

Ragged Life

A Shopify ecommerce website to advertise the products and services of this crafting business

Project Details

We produced a Shopify ecommerce website based on provided PSD designs to inform about, advertise and make available for purchase the products and classes of the business.

The theme used on this Shopify site was coded from scratch due to the highly bespoke nature of the site's pages. We also had to highly customise Shopify's already extensive admin area to allow easy access and editing of all the different areas of the site.

We also manipulated Shopify's native product and collection features to fit all the different types of products and services available to purchase.

Services Provided

Shopify Ecommerce Website Development from PSDs, Responsive Design, Customised CMS, Image Gallery, Social Media Feeds, Newsletter Subscription

Ragged Life Shopify Website Development From PSDs With Customised CMS Ragged Life Website With Responsive Design For Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile Ragged Life Ecommerce Website With A Range Of Products For Purchase And Full Admin Area With Shopify To Handle Orders Ragged Life Booking Form For Events Which Can Be Purchased Through The Checkout Process Ragged Life Gallery With Lightbox Popup Ragged Life Gift Card Purchase Page Displaying The Gift Cards Collection Ragged Life Shop Collection Displaying All Products Ragged Life Pages To Display Information With High Quality Imagery

Compare Online Agents

An online agent comparison web application where house sellers can compare the price of online agents fees.

Project Details

We started work with Compare Online Agents mid way through the application's beta phase and finished developing the site to be launched!

The web application is written in PHP with a MySQL database, using a complex comparison algorithm to provide quotes for house sellers.

The website has a user accounts system to retrieve quotes, address finder, text verification and integrated review system.

Agents can view quotes and statistics on how they are performing and there is an admin area to manage all accounts and data.

Services Provided

Web Application Development, Comparison Algorithm, User Accounts, Text Verification, Review Integration, Admin Area

Compare Online Agents Web Application With User Accounts and Admin Area Compare Online Agents Website Application With Complex Comparison Algorithm Compare Online Agents Website With Login System and User Account Area Compare Online Agents Web Application With Quote Comparison Compare Online Agents Website Application Development With Detailed Quotes


An iOS mobile app for mobile workers to manage customers, quotes and jobs.

Project Details

Although the app had been through one development cycle, we were asked to fix bugs and add additional features.

Following the original designs, we overhauled the quote adding process and developed a new system and implemented a different asset management area, as well as many bug fixes.

As the main bulk of the app code was not written by ourselves, a major part of the task involved understanding the existing code and identifying the errors in a time efficient manner.

Services Provided

iOS App Development, Databases, Web Application Admin Area, Search Filters, User Management

Farm View Hall Website With On Site SEO and Social Media Including Facebook Farm View Hall Image Gallery Page Using Professional Photography Farm View Hall Facilities Page, Maintained and Hosted With Logo Design Farm View Hall Events Page With jQuery Accordion Drop Down Events Farm View Hall Events Page With jQuery Accordion Drop Down Events Farm View Hall Events Page With jQuery Accordion Drop Down Events
Good Sense - Website Design and Development In Wordpress Grange Farm - Website Design and Development, With Copy Writing, Logo Design and Professional Photographs Lockwoodhume - Wordpress Ecommerce Website Development Using Woocommerce Val Rive - Wordpress Development From PSD Designs With Online Diary and Booking Form Farm View Hall Bed and Breakfast - Website Design and Development With Copy Writing, Slideshow and Dynamic Gallery Ragged Life - Web Development In Shopify, From Provided PSDs Compare Online Agents - Bespoke Web Application With User Accounts, Custom CMS and Comparison Algorithm Fresher Rooms - Web Application Development With Payment Facility, User Accounts Written With PHP and a MySQL Database Game Change - Web Design and Development In Wordpress Based On Purchased Theme, With Purchases, User Accounts and Bespoke Additions To Wordpress CMS. iGo and uGo - iPhone Apps with User Accounts, Communication Facilities and Data Retrieval From Sister App Using MySQL Database E-Autolease - Landlord Leasing Web Application with Automatic Personalised Lease Generation, User Accounts and Tenant Management System Workforce iOS App Development Involving Feature Adding and Bug Fixing