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Why Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?

Why Have A Mobile App?

Over the past few years, smart phone and tablet use has exploded. More and more people choose to use a small device over the traditional desktop computer to browse the web, play games and edit documents.

With this in mind, it is important for businesses large and small to follow where their users are spending their time and make the software and services they provide accessible to the small device.

There are a million and one things that you can put in a mobile app and they are created for a whole host of purposes including:

  • To provide information – similar to a website, they present the user with data, including text, images and videos, such as a weather app or a first aid app
  • To provide a service – similar to a web application, they allow the user to perform functions and interact with data, such as an email app or a music application
  • To sell – they allow the user to purchase a product or service directly from their device, such as a food ordering app or a game with in app purchases

Mobile apps can be made to add value to a larger service operated either online or on a desktop computer, syncing data between multiple devices, or they can be stand alone and designed to offer a unique service to the user.

A successful mobile application project results in an attractive, highly functional product with unlimited potential in a growing market.

What Type Of Mobile App Do You Want?

Native Mobile App

Native Mobile App For Comparing Estate Agents

Native apps are coded specifically for the operating system that the phone runs.

That means using Swift (Objective-C) for iPhones, java for androids and C# for windows.

The main advantages of a native include:

  • Performance – Native apps tend to run faster and more efficiently
  • Features – Native code can take full advantage of the phone's hardware, multi touch features and latest functions, making them more useful to users
  • Usability - Native apps feel like they belong. They're natural extensions of a mobile phone's software and therefore your users can easily take advantage of the same icons, gestures and layout as they've been used to using their phone.

Due to the possibility of having to code 2 – 3 separate apps to run across all popular devices and the development process being more complex, going down the native route can be the most expensive option in time and money; however the results can really pay off and for some more in depth apps, native is the only way to go.

We develop apps for iPhone, Android and Windows and would be happy to discuss options regarding which platforms to develop for.

Web App

Web App For Creating Reports

Web apps are web applications, which have been made for large devices such as desktops, with a responsive layout so they function and look great on smaller screen sizes.

Web apps are not accessed through an app store, but through the browser on the mobile phone or tablet and they have similar, if not the same, functionality as the main web application.

The main advantages of a web app include:

  • Seamless Integration – Because it is the same application, your web app will sync perfectly with your web application, with users able to access their account from any device
  • Cost – Because it is the same application, you only need to make your web application responsive to open it up to tablets and mobiles

Web apps are most beneficial if you have or are building a web application to work across all devices, large and small. Although they can easily be created just for mobile and tablet use.

They cannot be distributed via an app store but must be accessed via a URL on the phone's browser, which means users must be given the URL through some other means and users must log on every time they want to use the system.

Hybrid Mobile App

Web App For Connecting With Friends

Hybrid apps are, as the name suggests, a mix of a native and web app.

They are written using PHP and HTML like a web app, but they are packaged into a native app that can be distributed over an app store.

The main advantages of a hybrid app include:

  • Development Time – Compared to a native app, the development process involved with a hybrid app is much simpler and therefore quicker. And you only create one app to distribute across multiple phones.
  • Cost – Due to the development time being quicker and the languages used being easier, the cost is therefore cheaper than a native application

The main problem with a hybrid app is its speed. It tends to run more slowly compared to a native app because it is still dependent on the native browser.

Another limitation is hybrid apps can't always take full advantage of the phone's hardware and built in functions such as multi touch. However they are great for simple apps.

The Mobile Application Development Process

Every mobile app is different and yet every mobile app goes through the same process, from the early vision to finished software.

At Etempa Web Solutions, we take all our clients through this process, formally or informally as appropriate.

Planning Your Website


Critically important and yet often forgotten, we like to spend a bit of time at the beginning discussing with you about the mobile app, your requirements, your business and what you want to get out of this piece of software.

We often use this time to write a list of requirements - we find it helps to get both parties focused on the task and allows ideas to be exchanged and discussed.

We will use this information to write a proposal for you, which details what we will be doing and costs associated with it. We like to be clear and upfront so everyone is comfortable.

Design Your Website


Every successful mobile app has an eye catching and functional user interface designed and optimised for the limited screen size.

Our experienced designers can work with as much or as little direction as you would like. This is a time when designs are passed back and forth, trying out new ideas and concepts.

This is also the time when we map out the functionality - what each button does, where data is saved and how each process works.

We can advise on what's popular, what works and what doesn't, with unlimited revisions. Only when you're happy do we move onto the development stage.

Develop Your Website


This is a time where we turn the base designs and planned processes into a functioning mobile app.

All our code is clean and clear, following the latest standards and using the most up to date languages.

All your features and functionality will be added, as detailed in your proposal, with any additional services such as automatic backups implemented at this stage as well.

Test Your Website


Once the mobile app has been completed, it will be thoroughly tested for what it is intended. We always test on a variety of screen sizes and then either across multiple platforms or on different models.

Although testing occurs during the development process, it is important to follow the development stage with specific testing of all the features.

We encourage you to test the mobile app at this stage too, to make sure everything is as you expected and so we can iron out any minor niggles.

Launch Your Website


Once everyone is happy, the only thing left to do is package it up and hand it over to you.

We can help getting your app to market if it is to be available to the public, including submitting the app to the marketplace.

We'll make sure you have all the files you need and we'll go through the features and functionality with you so you know how to use it and can make the most of your new app.

Maintain Your Website


With the technologies and the app market constantly evolving, so too must your mobile application.

Although your overall application might not need regular attention, it's always a good idea to keep your content fresh and up to date with your business.

As well as the visual side to the mobile app, as technologies change, apps must be kept up to date with the latest security updates to prevent hackers and malware penetrating the code.

If you choose to stay with us after launch, we have a number of different maintenance packages to suit your mobile application and its technologies.

What Will It Cost And Why Choose Us?

Due to the nature of mobile applications, we like to fully understand your business needs and software requirements before providing you with a quote.

Working out what type of app you want is important at this stage and we're happy to offer impartial advice regarding the three different types of mobile app if you need it.

We tend to spend some time bouncing ideas off each other and come up with a comprehensive plan of the mobile application's functionality.

As with everything, the cost will reflect the type, size and complexity of the mobile app, but all our quotes include friendly, impartial advice from expert software engineers regarding technology, user interfaces or functionality, a relaxed yet efficient development team and as much interaction you would like with us.

You will be working directly with the people coding your software, which minimises cross purposes and allows us to intimately understand your business and your software.

Optional Extras

Your cloud based software doesn't stop there. Having a web application can often be just the first step of growing your business into the cloud.

At Etempa Web Solutions, we offer the full package of web services to go with your new web application.

Mobile App Hosting and Maintenance

Hosting and Maintenance Services

Most mobile apps will have a database to store data and that database will need to be hosted on the internet.

Although we're more than happy to work with your chosen database provider, we also offer an in-house database hosting and maintenance service.

Our basic package includes basic text and image updates to your mobile app, however if you require a more extensive updates service, we have a range of additional packages, including a bespoke package we can tailor to your needs.

If you have a website or web application to go with your app, combine them on the same hosting package!

Backup Service

Backup Services

A backup of your files is something everyone knows they should have and so many people forget to do.

And even fewer even think about backing up their mobile application and its data, even though the consequences can be catastrophic for your business.

We offer a bespoke backup service for your mobile app and database, tailored to how often the content is altered.

Usually, all that is involved is some work to set up the backup and then it can be left, backing up the site either weekly or monthly, whichever is appropriate.

Website Service

Website Services

If you are selling your app to the public, why not consider an advertising website to go with it?

Although most apps are purchased through an app store, having a website to advertise functionality not only gives your app credibility, it will greatly assist your marketing campaign.

We offer a wide range of website services, from basic sites to ecommerce websites and websites you can edit yourself.

All our websites are designed by experienced developers and coded using the latest techniques and standards, to promote your mobile app successfully.