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Connect With Your Customers Across A Multitude of Platforms

Why Engage In Social Media?

Businesses should engage with some sort of social media because that is where their clients and customers are likely to spend a proportion of their time.

Social Media is a growing industry, with sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn being used by millions of people to share their lives with their friends through text, images and videos. And an ever increasing number of people are using social media to connect with businesses to purchase goods and services.

Social Media shouldn't replace your website, but it should be used to complement it with a different offering such as additional content suitable for your main social media audience, offers and freebies and as a way of promoting your business.

In addition to direct communication with customers, engaging on social media also provides an SEO boost to your website and can be a useful way to drive customers to your site.

What Social Media Sites Should You Use?

Social Media isn't just Facebook and Twitter. With Youtube, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine and many more, it can be overwhelming trying to work out where to focus your efforts, limited resources and time.

The main questions to ask yourself is who are you trying to connect with and what are you trying to share. We can help you analyse what you want to get out of your Social Media strategy and direct you to the most suitable sites to focus your attention on.

It's important to apply the right campaign to the right sites to target the people you want to target using the right media type.

Social Media Brands

What Social Media Services Do We Offer?

Social Media Strategies

Social Media Strategies

With so many different social media sites, the choice can be overwhelming, especially combined with limited resources. You'll want to choose the right sites for what you're wanting to offer your customers and the right sites can depend on many factors.

With our Social Media Strategies package, we'll not only analyse your business and choose the sites right for you, we'll also work with you to come up with a plan on how you're going to use your social media accounts to maximise your social media goals.

Strategies can vary greatly, depending on what media you're posting, whether you're trying to drive traffic to your site or wanting to offer extra services to existing customers.

And if at the end, actioning your plan seems daunting, we can help with that too!

Brand Management

Brand Management

It's important to maintain a consistent look for your business, wherever your customers find you.

We can not only help set up your social media accounts, but we can also take your existing brand and add a series of imagery to your accounts with the aim of achieving brand consistency.

Different social media services require different images, in different sizes, for different purposes so it's important to get the look right because that may be the first impression a new customer has of your business.

If you think your brand could do with a face lift, why not combine our Brand Management services with our digital services to redesign your logo or create some new advertising material.

Social Media Management

Social Media Account Management

Even if you've decided where and what, working out when can often hold you back. After all, there's already so many demands on your time already.

Whether you're baffled by the technology or you just can't dedicate enough time to your social media strategy, we can post content and updates on your behalf, based on your requirements and customer base.

We'll regularly discuss with you what we'll be posting, with input from you regarding the content. We understand we are the face of your business across your social media accounts and that you will want to feel confident with how you are portrayed.

Optional Extras

Whilst you're making more noise across social media sites, there are many services we can offer to complement your social media work.

Digital Services

Digital Services

Social Media sites give businesses a opportunity to showcase their brand in different ways and locations, so you'll want to make sure you look your best.

It could be an opportunity to give your logo a bit of a digital touch up, or why not design a new one entirely.

We also produce different branding material for advertising purposes, digital or printed, such as business cards or flyers.

All our digital services are tailored to suit you and your requirements. We'll work closely with you to get the right look for your business, which can then be displayed on your social media profiles and website.

Website Service

Website Services

It's always worth considering: once you have the traffic going to your site, will they stay there? And more importantly, will the visitors become customers?

If you're driving visitors from social media to your website, make sure their impression of your business is enhanced.

We offer a wide range of website services, from basic sites to ecommerce websites and editable websites.

All our websites are designed by experienced developers and coded using the latest techniques and standards, to maximise its potential in the search engine results.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Services

Social Media is just one way of boosting your SEO score for your website. Use Social Media as part of a wider SEO campaign.

The key to any successful SEO campaign is good keyword research - the words that sum up your business.

Once this research has been carried out, there are two areas of SEO work - on site SEO and off site SEO. We can advise and help you with any aspect of SEO work you want to pursue.

On site SEO involves writing engaging, appropriate content, strategic headings and description image tags. Additional off site SEO involves activities such as link building and blog writing.